Roof Cleaning Services

When moss and lichen are neglected, they gradually permeate your roof, leading to substantial damage. Their persistent growth and unchecked multiplication can infiltrate various roofing materials causing corrosion over time even on metal structures. This gradual deterioration will first cause leaks and blockages, before becoming substantial enough to require extensive repairs to restore your roof's integrity. As a result, addressing moss at its onset is crucial to prevent increased damage and the later need for significant restoration measures.

Given the persistent and troublesome nature of moss, hiring experienced professionals is vital for its effective resolution. Self-attempts to tackle moss-related issues pose safety risks, potential roof damage, and often fail to provide lasting solutions. At Dunn & Sons, our proficient team, equipped with suitable tools and environmentally conscious chemicals, stands ready to combat moss and lichen issues effectively, ensuring a sustainable, long-term remedy for your roofing concerns.

In addition to our moss removal services, we offer general roof cleaning and maintenance services. We can treat debris, animal waste, and general dirt buildup. Dunn & Sons deliver value through meticulous roof cleaning: expert care, eco-friendly solutions, lasting results, and competitive pricing – all our work is fully guaranteed.

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