Spray Foam Removal

At Dunn & Sons Roofing & Building Solutions Ltd we are specialists in spray foam insulation removal. Previously, this task demanded substantial labour and occasionally led to extensive roof repairs or replacements. Today, leveraging the latest technological developments, we proficiently eliminate spray foam whether it is open-cell or closed-cell insulation. This modern approach ensures a swift and efficient process that safeguards your roof's integrity, avoiding costly and intrusive procedures.

So why might you want to remove spray foam? Over time, spray foam insulation can have several drawbacks. Common issues are moisture, mould, ventilation issues, and in the worst cases, it can warp and damage important structures. All of these issues combined often lead to lower property values and more difficult and expensive mortgages. Concerned about these matters? Rest assured, our adept team can swiftly and proficiently resolve these issues, restoring your property's value and ensuring that these common concerns become a thing of the past, granting you peace of mind.

If you are unsure about your attic's insulation, our specialists offer free no obligation quotations where we can inspect your insulation and provide a competitive price to protect your structure.

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